Paperwork Requirements


The paperwork process may seem tedious, however, please know we are here to assist you in any way possible. Please feel free to reach out to me at at any time.

Please send all the requested paperwork below to the following address:
     Adam Travel Services, Inc.
     Hajj & Umrah Consultant

     7 Marshall Street, Suite 201 Boston, MA 02108

If you have any questions for Adam Travel, the following is the contact information:
     Br. Rami Abdo: | 

Paperwork Set 1   [2nd Deadline: June 20th]

  1. Deposit:
    Please submit the deposit of $ 500 per person. The deposit check needs to be payable to Adam Travel.
    Please write in the memo section: IAR Umrah Group
  2. Travel Documents:
    We need a photocopy of the passport(s) (picture page only).
       ‣ If you are not a US Citizen, we need the copy of the Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) as well. Please note, you can only go on the Jerusalem Tour if you are a U.S. Citizen.

    The passport(s) must be valid for 6 months prior to the travel date.
    Please write the following on the back of the copy: IAR Umrah Group
Per Saudi Guidelines: Sisters of all ages can travel with no mahram.

Paperwork Set 2    [Deadline: July 15th]

All the items below can be submitted electronically to Br Rami directly at:

  1. Travel Documents: Please submit your passport copy electronically. If you are not a US Citizen, please submit other accompanying documents per instructions from Adam Travels (ex. Permanent Resident Card).
  2. Passport Photos: We need a passport photograph with white background. This can be taken from a phone to show the face and shoulders with white background.
  3. Covid-19 Vaccination Card: NOT REQUIRED! But you can keep it with you insha'Allaah!
  4. Remaining Balance: Please submit the remaining balance with the guidance of Adam Travel. After you have acquired your total from Adam Travel, please write a check for the remaining total minus the deposit.
  5. Infants Only: Immunization Record & Birth Certificate for the Infants.